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Here comes the sun. Do do do do.

Hey, there. I'm Fluffy. I like things. I like people. I'm sure I like you... But, my journal is F-Locked to weed out creepers. Some things will be able to be seen by everyone. But, that happens rarely.

"I like what I like, but I love everything."

Comment and I'll add you.

One Love, Fluffy.

P.S. - Since LJ hates me, I moved to Tumblr. I'll still sign on here, but my updates will be there.

Yes, we're going to party party.

What made me happy today:
Hoy es mi cumpleaños.

Where is my order, Glamour Kills?!

One Love, Fluffy.


Superman 'dat hoe.

24-Hour Bug.
Will you be there in the morning
Or are you just my 24-hour love?

We met under the usual circumstance,
A welcomed advance through all this haze.
Charming, and still I'm sweating blanks.
A nervous stomach being held hostage.

With my wringing hands and eyes glued shut,
I know that you're no good for me.
You'll praise me, persuade me, slam me, and leave me.
Yeah. I know you can't help it.

Shift in these sheets 'til I can't breathe.
I'm holding on, but not by much.
This kiss of death could end me now
And I doubt I'd ever mind.

I hope you'll be gone tomorrow
And I'll forget this 24-hour bug.

Hey, all. I mentioned before how I'd share writing. As promised, here's a little something I wrote. It's not much.. or great, but I wrote it when I was sick to keep my mind off of my impending illness. It's weird, but I like it that way.

So, I was checking my e-mails today and AOL News told me that a museum curator in Paris stumbled upon some sketches on the back of a Da Vinci painting, showing a horse's head and half of a skull. (Creepy?) I'd feel like a superhero if I discovered something of the caliber. I'd tell everyone I meet that I found that. I'd be like a proud parent... only I'd be proud of myself, not my children. I need a better simile.

I just bought a totally rad Harley Quinn shirt courtesy of Hot Topic.

Can you say... great legs for a hundred, Alex? I wish I looked that rad. Well, I'm off to wrap LaMonaca's present. Enjoy your weekend, LJ.

One Love, Fluffy.
I gave into the power of Twilight. I saw it tonight, after having never read any of the books. I'm hopelessly hooked. Because I promised myself I'd never give into the trend, it's painful for me to say how much I loved every minute of it. The story is perfectly romantic, without being overly sappy... a perfect blend of attraction, love, and desire. Aside from my soft spot for love stories, this movie also fed my penchant for vampires. They fascinate me to no end. In all honesty, I wish I was one. I've wanted this for a while, but it's true. I wish I were a vampire.

Secondly, I'm seeing Demetri Martin in December.. as long as I can get seats reserved. The show is free and it's for his Comedy Central special. I'm enormously excited. I shouldn't be because it may not happen. But, still -- you've got to have faith. I'll let you know when I know about my attendance.

Speaking of faith, I have hopes of having a tremendous sweet sixteen party because my friends are amazing. Christina is getting Bo Burnham (THE Bo Burnham) to come to my party, as long as the venue is large enough to house him and my friends. Once again, this is up in the air. But, it could happen. I could have Bo serenading me on my sixteenth birthday. Can you think of anything better? I cannot. He has a new video; watch and be amazed.

This is an amazing day... New John Lajoie video, too. God must be making up for giving me the black death. Upon further reflection, this is a comedy-oriented entry. Well, to top it all of, I'm gonna go watch Chelsea Lately. Suck it hard.

One Love, Katie.

P.S. - I failed to mention the first kissing scene in Twilight is hot as hell. Three cheers for on-screen chemistry.

Is it still me that makes you sweat?

Even without a Meet and Greet, my PATD show was still pretty epic. I wasn't at the barricade, due to my friends' lack of getting anywhere on time. But, I was relatively close.. close enough to get Cash's spit on me and come equally close to catching both of Spencer's drum sticks. (I had my hand on one, but lost it to some large man.) All my pictures can be found here and the rest here. Due to my height and my shitty flash, they're not phenomenal. But, they got progressively better towards Dashboard and Panic. Also, the first, like, 8 are of my friends. Feel free to disregard those.

Once my YouTube account cooperates, I'll have my videos up and I'll try and get the songs I recorded on a hosting site.

One Love, Fluffy.

It's almost Halloween.

Hey, LJ. It's almost Halloween! (I love that video, PS.) I'm excited.. Halloween's my favorite holiday. Guess what I'm going as... here's a clue:

"I'm horny." - Maxxie.

I'll write later on about my amazing time at formal, lame ass school activities, our uber annoying election, and Halloween plans. Stay tuned.

One Love, Fluffy.

P.S. - Those proposed entries are probably never going to happen.
In their heyday, The Beatles were the center of the pop universe. Many groups have been hailed as the next Beatles, but does pop music even have a center anymore? Who represents the core of pop music to you?

The only reason I'm answering this is because I just so happened to be listening to "Strawberry Fields Forever" when I noticed this. So, I figured it was the universe's way of telling me to answer this.

To answer the first question: Yes, pop music has a center. But, in a way, pop music has sort of split. There's, like, the Miley Cyruses of the world, who do stupid (yet, infectious) songs for the Disney Channel and get paid ass loads of cash to have their Sweet 16's in Disney World. At the same time, there's this whole other side of pop music that gets overshadowed by the carbon copied princesses that Disney manufactures. These bands would be something along the lines of... PATD (Pretty. Odd., but not really AFYCSO), Treaty of Paris, The Cab, The Pink Spiders... the list goes on. All of these bands are awesomely fantastic, but drastically overlooked when you see the word "Pop" in the genre line. 'Tis a shame, 'tis a shame.

To answer the second question: Unlike most of the people I know, I cannot tolerate those Disney-issued darlings. All of their music sounds the same (and is usually about Nick Jonas). I remember when the JoHos came here last year... It was insane. It's all anyone talked about for weeks. (For the record, TPS were, like, two days later.. So, I obsessed over that.) Regardless, the core of pop music for me consists of the bands I listed above, with a few extras that I'm too lazy to list thrown in.

Also... How many days are PATD on Carson? I only thought one, but then I saw the video for "Northern Downpour" on the PATD Community and got confused.

One Love, Fluffy.
Did Keltie and Ryan really break up?

One Love, Fluffy.

Gimme the fix; give me back control.

Yesterday, I saw Burn After Reading, the new movie from the Coen Brothers. I must say, it was spectacular. It was dementedly hilarious and just dark enough to make you... almost feel bad about watching it. I'm openly endorsing this movie. Go see it. Now.

I think I've fallen in love.

James Franco will be on SNL next Saturday. My life is officially complete.

The Pink Spiders have a new video for "Gimme Chemcials." Watch it.

This entry is sort of.. like, my recommendations, apparently. Therefore, it's public. Have a great week, LJ.

One Love, Fluffy.

Our generation's got it bad.

Hey, LJers out there. Now, most of the time, my entries are for friends only. But, seeing as I'm angry and I want the world to know as well, I'm going to make this one available to the world. Rejoice. So, Sunday night was the VMAs. I'm sorry, but Britney Spears didn't deserve all of the awards that she was given. She definitely won out of pity. It's mean to say that, but it's true. It's ridiculous... I mean, the girl does one video with a wig on and everyone thinks she's better? Bullshit. I liked her a lot better when she was bald and hitting cars with umbrellas. Not to sound like an over-dramatic Panic fan, but PATD should have definitely won over Spears for Best Pop Video of the Year. I mean, NITA's video was spectacular and they deserved to win.

Now, part 2 of my rant comes from a blog by Keltie Colleen (yet again) that I read last night. After being at the awards, Keltie was outraged and, frankly, worried about how the current generation -- my generation -- is fucked up. We care more about The Hills and whoever John Mayer is screwing than what actually matters. I mean, if you were to talk to some of the girls I have classes with, their main introductory points would include One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and either some rapper whose pants need to be taken in or some mediocre emo band who sings about hardships and suffering... when all they've had to suffer through their entire lives were, like, "Which driver should I use today?" It's a shame that all of the legendary artists and bands over the years no longer mean a thing to the people of my generation. (I've actually had to explain who The Beach Boys were to someone recently.) I'm proud to say that I am in the minority when it comes to pop culture. I like the bands my parents listened to... and some current, admittedly. I'd like to think that I care more about the inside than the outside of a person, but I suppose I'm not a good judge of my own character.

This rant has gone on long enough. One last word, LJ: Evolve... please!

One Love, Fluffy.