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Superman 'dat hoe.

24-Hour Bug.
Will you be there in the morning
Or are you just my 24-hour love?

We met under the usual circumstance,
A welcomed advance through all this haze.
Charming, and still I'm sweating blanks.
A nervous stomach being held hostage.

With my wringing hands and eyes glued shut,
I know that you're no good for me.
You'll praise me, persuade me, slam me, and leave me.
Yeah. I know you can't help it.

Shift in these sheets 'til I can't breathe.
I'm holding on, but not by much.
This kiss of death could end me now
And I doubt I'd ever mind.

I hope you'll be gone tomorrow
And I'll forget this 24-hour bug.

Hey, all. I mentioned before how I'd share writing. As promised, here's a little something I wrote. It's not much.. or great, but I wrote it when I was sick to keep my mind off of my impending illness. It's weird, but I like it that way.

So, I was checking my e-mails today and AOL News told me that a museum curator in Paris stumbled upon some sketches on the back of a Da Vinci painting, showing a horse's head and half of a skull. (Creepy?) I'd feel like a superhero if I discovered something of the caliber. I'd tell everyone I meet that I found that. I'd be like a proud parent... only I'd be proud of myself, not my children. I need a better simile.

I just bought a totally rad Harley Quinn shirt courtesy of Hot Topic.

Can you say... great legs for a hundred, Alex? I wish I looked that rad. Well, I'm off to wrap LaMonaca's present. Enjoy your weekend, LJ.

One Love, Fluffy.